Look for the Spark Inside

In the context of world events in June 2020, let this meditation take you beyond the external barriers of colour, shape and size and take you to the d...View Details

The silence and solitude of the empty desert. Nothing to distract or to steal our focus. Sit back and enjoy this pre-Shavuot meditation that will help...View Details

This Friday May 8th is Pesach Sheini. Missed the bus on learning about this one? Join the club with most Jews. But know that it is a very special day ...View Details

A very special mediation focusing on the blessing on blossoming trees that we say in the month of Nissan. Allow yourself to connect to the unique ener...View Details

In these challenging times, take a few minutes to be lifted by the magical message of the moon and Rosh Chodesh: For every down there is an up. For ev...View Details

Whether or not you are in self-Isolation there is no doubt that this powerful meditation will help you feel more positive and peaceful during these di...View Details

Very special and podcast this week as we prepare for Purim by learning about the potent power of forgetting and how it causes us to miss out on so man...View Details

Adar is in full swing and Purim is fast approaching! In this special meditation we remind ourselves that the best way to prepare for the true joy of t...View Details

The new month of Adar is a time to clean up the "pathways" to our true selves! Enjoy!

A perfect way to keep warm - even when the winds are blowing outside. A meditation on the true meaning of the word Choref, the Jewish word for winter.

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