How can we respond to the war and wanton destruction in Ukraine? Charity, messages of hope, donations of time and money. Yes. But perhaps, in someway,...View Details

The Shofar, rams horn, is sounded on Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. By focusing on the Shofar's shape that we can internalise a precious lesson ab...View Details

A Gratitude Meditation

A simple yet exceedingly powerful meditation to build your gratitude "muscles." The more we zoom in to what we can be thankful for, the more we can nu...View Details

In a dark world of uncertainty and confusion take the time this Chanukah to find your inner candle and light up your world. Get set to relax your body...View Details

A meditation of hope for Rosh Chodesh, or anytime. Unlike the static sun, we are told to be like the dynamic moon, taking lifes ups and downs in our s...View Details

We are currently celebrating the Jewish Festival of Sukkot when we leave our houses and "live" in our temporary huts (called a Sukkah) for seven days....View Details

Yom Kippur, a day to clean out the impediments and spiritual barriers, leaving you feeling pure and at one with your holy essence. Allow this guided v...View Details

A New Year is coming with a new flow of energy and blessing. This soothing visualisation meditation will help you empty out the fear, worry, and anxie...View Details

A powerful meditation that beckons us to come home to our true essence utilizing the power of the Jewish month of Ellul. The most wonderful realisatio...View Details

Tisha B'AvĀ  - The National day of Jewish mourning - a time to take a breath and refelct on what we are truly missing in our lives

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